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Adelante Más Allá de 200 Años

Onwards beyond 200 Years

PMMA Bicentennial Celebration. For ticket details click here.


This is a Virtual Race, you can join and run anywhere in the world. Either on the road, trails or treadmill. All you need is a Running application on your phone to record your run. Run data needed are date, distance and run time.


See you all on January 25, 2020, at the Quirino Grandstand and celebrate with PMMA's 200 years of Maritime Excellence. Online registration can be made through the PMMA Alumni website or you may send your details or queries via private message on PMMA Bicentennial Fun Run 2020 Facebook page.

Initial Draft of Events

PMMA Bicentennial Celebration | 01 Apr, 8:00 pm – 05 Apr, 9:00 pm Manila and Zambales For updates visit PMMA Alumni webiste. (

News & Announcements

Announcement from the PMMA Admissions Office

To all successful passers of the 2019 PMMA Entrance Examination qualified for the PSYCHOLOGICAL SCREENING, please read the schedules and understand the guidelines as indicated. NOTE: The results of the PMMA Neuro-Psychological Examination shall be announced on the same day... View Article

ADVISORY from the Office of the Superintendent

With the recent threats of novel corona virus (2019-nCoV), the public is hereby advised that the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy will take precautionary measures to ensure that the Academy shall remain free from 2019-n-CoV. PMMA contingents returning from the SCUAA... View Article


IBAAN, BATANGAS – Imbibing the spirit of solidarity and generosity, the PMMA community has extended their assistance to the victims of the Taal Volcano eruption. PMMA alumni, employees and their relatives provided monetary and in-kind donations. The PMMA Silent Drill... View Article

PMMA Coronavirus Advisory!!!

SAN NARCISO, ZAMBALES – The Medical Unit of the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy headed by international health academician Dr. Oscar Cristito L. Rosete conducted a symposium focusing on the much publicized Wuhan Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) at the VADM Richard U Ritual... View Article

Fr. Richard L. Pido, OSA (PMMA Class of 1982)

PMMA community is  deeply saddened by the news of our loss Fr. Richard L. Pido, OSA (PMMA Class of 1982) Our most sincere condolences to the family. 

PMMA Comunity extends their deep and heartfelt sympathy to Robert James Weilbacher (PMMA Class of 1970) and to his family.

ROBERT J. WEILBACHER SR. Governor of Kosrae (In office from February 23, 2007 – January 11, 2011) Robert J. Weilbacher, Sr. who was born on September 14, 1946 is a Micronesian politician and former Governor of Kosrae state. Weilbacher served... View Article

ADVISORY from the Office of the Superintendent

With the recent threats of novel corona virus (2019-nCoV), the public is hereby advised that the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy will take precautionary measures to ensure that the Academy shall remain free from 2019-n-CoV. PMMA contingents returning from the SCUAA... View Article

Health Advisory on Human Coronaviruses

Human coronaviruses are common throughout the world. Seven different coronaviruses, that scientists know of, can infect people and make them sick. Some human coronaviruses were identified many years ago and some have been identified recently. Human coronaviruses commonly cause mild... View Article


With our aim of improving the research performance of the Academy and as part of its continuing development, the PMMA Department of Research and Development would like to invite interested professionals to become member of the editorial board of WAVES... View Article

PMMA Entrance Examination 2019 Results

Annoucement from the PMMA Admissions Office! COMMO JOEL Y ABUTAL PMMA Superintendent congratulates the 5,458 successful examinees among the 9,126 hopeful applicants of the 2019 Philippine Merchant Marine Academy Entrance Examination held last September 28, 2019 simultaneously in 35 testing... View Article

For Immediate Hiring: Accounting Staff

ACCOUNTING STAFF Monthly Salary: P 11, 068.00 Skills and Qualifications BS Accounting graduate or any business related course Willing to be employed on a Service Contract basis Job Description Checks report of collections and deposits of all finds submitted by... View Article


We are now accepting enrollees for Advance Training in Fire Fighting (ATFF). Training Fee : ₱ 2, 500.00 Duration : 6 days Requirement/s : Medical Certificate (DOH Accredited Clinic) We are now accepting enrollees for IMO MODEL COURDE 6.10 For more... View Article

Calendar of Activities


REPUBLIC ACT No. 7041 June 5, 199. An Act Requiring Regular Publication of Existing Vacant Positions in Government Offices, Appropriating Funds Therefor, and For Other Purposes" aims to promote efficiency in the allocation of personnel in the civil service, as well as transparency and equal opportunities in the recruitment and hiring of new personnel.

Alumni Tracer

We're very interested to know how you're doing so far. Participate in our Alumni Tracer and tell us more about your whereabouts, connections, accomplishments and achievements, innovations, business, etc. Rest assured that the information provided and gathered will be kept strictly confidential, Thank you.

Cadets Portal

This portal is a gateway for cadets' information, lectures, discussions, resources, and other services exclusive to PMMA cadets. It aims to enhance and extend the cadets' learning experience through information technology beyond the bounds of the classroom.

Get to know more about the home of the world’s finest mariners. From its inception in 1820 as Escuela Nautica de Manila, to its stature as the premier maritime institution in the country today, The Philippine Merchant Marine Academy continues to utilize its proud maritime tradition, producing marine, naval, and coast guard officers for shipboard and shore-based positions, providing the best service, knowledge and skills only PMMA graduates possess!

Heading the call of Education 4.0 as aligned to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy revolutionized its teaching and learning environment thru innovations on adaptive virtual reality, analytic gamefied methodologies, eLearning platforms, modern simulations, digital statistics and tracking, digital blockchain certifications, and electronic diplomas and transcripts. Priding itself as the first augmented-reality maritime institution, the PMMA believes the future is NOW.


One hundred and ninety nine years since Escuela Nautica De Manila first opened its doors, we continue to be the leading breeding ground of the most sought after mariners in the country.  It is this position in the industry that many have tried to outdo, if not to come at par with. Having endured countless challenges throughout the times, the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy remains steadfast in its commitment to the Filipino people and to the world. PMMA endeavors to partner with as many offices and entities as possible, and taking the lead in developing the advancement of maritime education and training.The dawn of the new era of internationalization of higher education is right before our eyes. The glaring challenges are becoming more and more overwhelming by the minute. But we are confident that with our partnership with the Commission on Higher Education, we can address the core competencies of faculty and staff to meet the demands of developing the future global maritime leaders. We are also poised to strengthen research capabilities for future growth and development. The PMMA is also fortunate to be an attached agency of the Department of Transportation. With the support of the Department, our stakeholders are assured of a dynamic approach in leading the development of global maritime leaders through innovation, synergies and excellence. By the year 2020, PMMA will celebrate its 200th founding anniversary. PMMA has a long standing tradition and contribution to our country and to the world, as we shape our students’ future. Accordingly, our students shape the future of the maritime industry. The stature that we have sustained over the years proved our place as a pillar of education. PMMA is prepared and capable in supporting the challenges of the Philippine maritime industry by the International Maritime Organization State Audit Scheme (IMSAS). Our holistic approach to education and training successfully produced critical thinkers. This 200 anniversary speaks of this legacy. We will utilize this milestone to guide more of our students towards becoming capable and conscientious individuals. May we all take our parts in nation building with passion and commitment. Join us, as we set voyage unto uncharted seas. Onwards beyond 200 years of maritime leadership and excellence.