For Immediate Hiring: ACCOUNTANT I

Monthly Salary: P20, 754

Skills and Qualifications

  1. BS Accountancy graduate
  2. Preferably Certified Public Accountant
  3. With experience in Government accounting
  4. Willing to be employed on a Service Contract basis

Job Description

  1. Encoding data transactions to prepare Journal Entry Vouchers (JEV)-thru Electronic New Government Accounting System (ENGAS) such as:
    1. Notice of Cash Allocation
    2. Disbursement Vouchers in details under General Fund (Fund 101)
      1. Payment of Inventory (Foodstuffs, Office Supplies, Other Office Supplies, Medical-Dental and Laboratories Supplies and Drugs and Medicines)
      2. Purchase of Property, Plant and Equipment
    3. Adjusting Entries such as: (monthly)
      1. Insurance Premium of Various Motor Vehicles and Various Buildings
      2. Fidelity Bond Premium
      3. Depreciation of Property, Plant and Equipment under General Fund 101, Internally Generated Fund, and Trust Fund:
        1. Land Improvements
        2. Office Buildings
        3. School Buildings
        4. Other Structures
        5. Office Equipment
        6. Furniture and Fixtures
        7. IT Equipment and Software
        8. Library Books
        9. Communication equipment
        10. Firefighting equipment and Accessories
        11. Medical, Dental and Laboratory, Equipment
        12. Sports Equipment
        13. Technical and Scientific Equipment
        14. Other Machineries and equipment
        15. Motor Vehicles
        16. Watercrafts
        17. Other Transportation Equipment
        18. Other Property, Plant and Equipment
    4. Other adjustments as necessary
  2. Reviews and reconciles the Subsidiary Ledger
  3. Printing General Journal and Pre-Closing Trial Balance on all Funding Sources
  4. Print and files of Quarterly Financial Reports and Trial Balance under General Fund 101, PMO-Training Fund, IGP Fund, Assessment Fund, Income 164. Miscellaneous Fund, Institutional Fund, and AEMET Fund
      1. Pre-Closing Trial Balance
      2. Detailed Statement of Income and Expenses
      3. Detailed Statement of Financial Position
      4. Condensed Statement of Income and Expenses
      5. Condensed Statement of Financial Position
      6. Statement of Government Equity
      7. Statement of Cash Flows
      8. Detailed Breakdown of Disbursements
  5. Prepares transmittal letters as received copy of Financial Report and Trial Balance to PMMA COA Resident, COA GAFMIS, Q.C., DBM ROIII, DOTC, Ortigas
  6. File Financial Report and Trial Balance to Admin. Unit, Budget Unit and Accounting Unit.
  7. Prepares statement of bank reconciliation on all academy’s bank accounts and adjustments on cash in bank balances as per bank reconciliation.
  8. Prepares Monthly Report of Disbursements (required by DBM)
  9. Prepares quarterly report of PPA for submission to COA (Infrastructure and Other Goods and Services)
  10. Recapitulation of the quarterly disbursement of all funds for the preparation of Summary of Approved Budget, Utilizations, Disbursements and Balances.
  11.  Assist other task assigned.