Good Governance

Citizen Charter

(In compliance with the requirements of Republic Act No. 9485, otherwise known as the Anti-Red Tape Act of 2007)


The Philippine Merchant Marine Academy envisions through its academic programs and quasi-military training to produce a balanced personality out of every graduate, i.e. an internationally acceptable officer and gentleman who can function efficiently in his field of endeavor and contribute to the development and progress of the Filipino nation.


To educate and train midshipmen/women to become qualified and competent merchant marine officers for shipboard and shore-based positions in response to the global requirements of the expanding international maritime industry, as well as to become competent and capable naval officers who can serve as naval and auxiliaries in times of war and national emergencies and to contribute to the improvement of maritime education and the pool of ship business managers through graduate school programs.

Service Pledge

We, the officials and employees of The Philippine Merchant Marine Academy, San Narciso, Zambales, pledge and commit to deliver quality public service as promised in this citizen’s charter.

Specifically, we will:

  • serve with integrity
  • be prompt and timely
  • display procedures, fees and charges
  • provide adequate and accurate information
  • be consistent in applying rules
  • provide feedback mechanism
  • be polite and courteous
  • demonstrate sensitivity and appropriate behavior and
  • professionalism
  • wear proper uniform for identification
  • be available during office hours
  • respond to complaints
  • provide comfortable waiting area
  • treat everyone equally

Frontline Services

Admissions Office
Registrar’s Office
Cashier’s Office
Training Center

PhilGEPS Posting

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Report Cards

PMMA MARC 1 – MFO Accountability Report Card

PMMA MARC 2 – Good Governance Accountability Report Card