Immediate hiring!

Tool Keeper 

Monthly salary: Php 14,125.00 

Place of Assignment: College of Marine Engineering 


Skills and Qualifications 

  • Must possess appropriate trainings and / or certification on machine operations, laboratory supervision and safety, such as but not limited to: 
    1. Lathe Machine Operation – NC II / III 
    2. Oxygen Acetylene Welding – NC II / III 
    3. Shielded Metal Arc Welding – NC II / III 
    4. TIG-MIG Welding – NC II / III 
  • Must be fully vaccinated 


Duties and responsibilities 

  • Responsible for the security, upkeep, maintenance and repair of different machine shop tools issued to the College. 
  • Responsible for the systematic issuance of tools and equipment to students and faculty members. 
  • Perform planned maintenance at the Machine Shop, including the conduct of periodic (quarterly) inventory and inspection of training tools and equipment of his assigned laboratories/training rooms. Documentation of PMS are kept by the Tool Keeper and shall be released to the OIC upon inspection and checking. 
  • Assist faculty members in the upkeep of machine shop laboratory and help in the instruction and implementation of procedures, house rules, safety measures and policies in the use of machine shop laboratory. 
  • Submits to the OIC the recommended materials and supplies needed for the Machine Shop Laboratory. 
  • Maintain laboratory forms, files, use of Borrower’s Slip and other records of the Machine Shop Lab. 
  • Perform other lawful functions as may be required by the Dean, Assistant Dean, Unit Heads and the Officer-In-Charge of laboratories.