PMMA Training Center & Courses

PMMA Training Center

PMMA relentlessly doing its best to keep pace with change, it employs all the indispensable strategies including creativeness and innovation to achieve its vision. Consequently, at the dawn of the 21st century the PMMA Training Center, a “one stop shop” training center had been put into the drawing board.

The fate destined the pursuance of this project that after a short while the Financial Cooperation between the German Government and the Philippines has been approved. PMMA Training Center development site has been funded, modern simulator has been acquired and safety center has been built, to cater the maritime education and training of the Filipino seafarers.

All the training courses prescribed by the relevant international conventions, national, flag state and shipping companies requirements are offered by the PMMA training center. In addition, it could develop courses suitable to the training needs of the costumers.

The STCW 95 requirements as to the competence based training and assessment has been complied with this one stop shop training center, because it employs virtual reality, the most effective learning aids i.e. the simulator.

The successful fortification of PMMA training center will nurture the Filipino seafarer to remain competitive in terms of competence, skills and discipline. Thus, increase international acceptance and boast the national economy.


Training Courses

  • Advance Training in Fire Fighting
  • Basic Training
  • Basic Training – Refresher
  • Training Course for Instructors (IMO Model Course 6.09)
  • Training Program for Instructor and Assessor Conducting Simulator-Based Training and Assessment (IMO Model Course 6.10)
  • Proficiency in Handling a Free-Fall Lifeboat